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Series One is an eight class series covering many foundational elements of the practice.  

Each of the vinyasa classes introduces a key movement principle (relating to either the pelvis, spine or shoulders) to help students develop a strong, yet safe and balanced practice.

The classes are challenging - but with multiple options given throughout - they are still accessible to all levels.

If you are working your way toward inversions Series One

will elevate your practice to the next level.

- All classes can be streamed or downloaded -



Series Two is a four class series which builds upon the knowledge and skills gained in Series One. Make your way through some intelligent sequencing that takes the body deeper and deeper throughout the practice. Focusing in on very specific alignment - the classes are structured to move toward a peak - whether that be in a movement pattern, pose or a particular area of the body.

No matter whether you’re an advanced practitioner or just starting out on your yoga journey this series will teach you a whole lot and you’ll have a lot of fun along the way!

- All classes can be streamed or downloaded -