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Fee shares her love for the art of movement through Flowave.


Fee has been immersed in the practice of mindful movement for the last three decades.

She trained both as an elite gymnast and dancer through her childhood

and later went on to travel and teach extensively throughout her twenties. 

When Fee first found yoga she was instantly drawn to the practice.

She took her time training under various teachers and exploring different styles

before being inspired to combine her unique knowledge & experience together.


She created an innovative style of movement that became known as Flowave

and now teaches thousands of students across the globe through her online platform.

She has been blessed to headline various international yoga festivals 

such as Wanderlust and World Yoga Fest.

Fee has also completed a Bachelor of Psychology which imbues her teaching

with a deeper sense of presence and connection.


Flowave offers practitioners deeper awareness and understanding

of how to move energy and prana throughout the entire body.

It has been developed as a way to creatively unlock the vertabrae of the spine

as well as master segmental control of the limbs and body.

The fluidity of movement encourages flow in its truest sense and the breath

is always at the forefront of awareness, initiating and guiding every movement.

The constant contraction and release gives rise to a feeling of both unity and harmony.

The continuous shift between engaging/relaxing the muscles

makes it easy to sense where there is either stress or weakness in the body

and (using the breath) the practice encourages these areas

to be repeatedly strengthened and then also let go of and released.



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